1 July 2022
by Alex Brinded

UK's first hydrogen electric truck

Truck producer Tevva will manufacture, design and mass produce a new hydrogen electric truck in the UK.

side of a truck
© Caleb Ruiter / unsplash

The 7.5t hydrogen fuel cell-supported heavy goods vehicle will have a range of 310 miles, with its hydrogen tanks refillable in 10 minutes.

The Tilbury-headquartered scale-up has raised $140mln so far and will unveil the new truck, alongwith its latest fully electric HGV, at the Road Transport Expo in Warwickshire.

The truck's fuel cell will top up the battery, extending its range. Using it to boost the battery instead of being the primary source, enablesTevva to use smaller and lighter fuel cells.

In 2019, HGVs contributed 18% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions in transportation, according to the UK government.


Alex Brinded

Staff Writer