17 June 2024
by Alex Brinded

UK Government called to urgently act on skills to boost hydrogen production

There are concerns that skill gaps in design, installation, maintenance and operation threaten progress

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The National Composites Centre, the Tank Storage Association and Hydrogen Skills Alliance urge the government to act on skills demand to deliver up to 10GW of hydrogen by 2030.

The recommendation is included in the Workforce Foresighting Hub report.

The report focuses on above-ground hydrogen storage tanks, which are critical to commercial hydrogen and applicable across sectors. It brings together experts from education, employment and industry.

Peter Davidson, Chief Executive of the Tank Storage Association, says, 'As a zero-carbon fuel source, hydrogen will play a key role in helping the UK reach our net-zero goals, but if we don’t have the skilled workforce to exploit this, we won’t be able to use it to its full potential.'

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Alex Brinded

Staff Writer