29 March 2021

Tethered caps, paper straws and more renewables for Tetra Pak

Global packaging company Tetra Pak is working to reduce litter through deployment of deploy a range of tethered cap solutions.

paper rolls
© James Aldrin/Unsplash

Those caps are all planned to become available as a plant-based option, made from sugarcane-based polymers. The first one to be released on the market is the HeliCap 26 Pro closure. This product features a screw and flip concept with a self-locking hinge, securing food protection while providing convenience.

The company is also boosting its paper straw offering to ensure further renewable and low carbon materials across its range of packaging solutions.

Lars Holmquist, Executive Vice President Packaging Solutions and Commercial Operations, Tetra Pak, says ‘These are key milestones in our journey towards the world’s most sustainable food package: a carton that is fully made from renewable or recycled materials, is fully recyclable and carbon-neutral.’