15 January 2021

Support for budding entrepreneurs

The University of Cambridge, UK, invites tech innovators to apply for its Impulse Programme 2021, with bursaries available from the Henry Royce Institute for materials science researchers.

Image depicting innovation
© Riccardo Annandale/unsplash

Starting on 20 April, Impulse is a 12-week programme that serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in individuals and organisations, with a focus on prioritising and developing 'high-potential' business cases through interaction with experienced entrepreneurs.

The Henry Royce Institute is offering bursaries to pay for a number of materials science researchers to take part in the programme. Successful applicants will receive up to £3,000 to cover the costs.

Through a mixture of face-to-face and online learning split over three modules, participants will take courses in areas such as as:
•    Global vision and value propositions
•    Market strategy and planning
•    Business models
•    Legal Issues
•    Intellectual property
•    Financial strategy

Candidates looking to be sponsored by the Royce must be postgraduate research students or postdocs working in advanced materials research at a UK Higher Education Institute.

Successful applicants will have an existing idea that they wish to be informed by the Impulse programme. This idea does not need to be fully developed, the aim of the Impulse Programme is to inform this.
To apply for the Impulse Programme, candidates need to complete the application form on the Impulse website by 19 March 2021. Applications for the Royce Bursary must be processed through an application form.