29 October 2020

Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture held virtually for first time

On 21 October, IOM3 on behalf of the Iron & Steel Society held the annual Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture and Awards, delivered by the 2019 Bessemer Gold Medalist Professor Dave Worsley FIMMM, Professor of Engineering at Swansea University, UK.

The subject of Professor Worsley's lecture was coated steel products in the UK, and in India and Mexico where the Tata Steel team are engaged with local communities to repurpose simple printing presses to make solar cells local to where they are needed. He presented real world examples of solar powered buildings and described the way in which spare power can be deployed to drive the electric vehicle revolution or provide power for communities who may never have grid connections in the way we view them currently.  

More than 500 tuned in online to see Dave present his lecture, and to witness the presentation of the following awards and prizes:

  • Adrian Normanton Prize –  Du Sichen, Bjorn Glaser, Johan Martinsson
  • Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant – Dr Sarah Connolly MIMMM MEng
  • Hadfield Medal & Prize – Stephen Carey CEng FIMMM
  • Thomas Medal & Prize – Alan Scholes ProfGradIMMM
  • Bessemer Gold Medal – Prof David Anthony Worsley FIMMM
  • Williams Award – Augusta Martinelli Miranda, Paulo Santos Assis, Geoffrey Alan Brooks, Muhammad Akbar Rhamdhani, Andrea Fontana, Alister King, Gerald Sanders and Gabriela Paula da Costa Moreira  

Congratulations to all this year’s award winners and thanks to all those who tuned in.

Missed the lecture? You can watch it and the ceremony below. 

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