1 March 2022
by QA&PD Providers

Sierra 57 Consult

Delivering training on plastics & injection moulding

Sierra 57 Consult provide training, development and recruitment services that support the plastics processing, packaging and medical device sectors.  An established technical and engineering specialist training is delivered on customers sites, at a pace to suit the trainees, to increase knowledge and skills.  Using Training Needs Assessments at the outset courses can be delivered to meet the needs of the trainee enabling us to offer the best training solution, cost effectively delivering the best results, dependent upon our client's requirements.


The courses, which last 3 to 5 days are broken down in to bite-sized segments and include classroom and practical elements.  Each course has a short assessment at the end and candidates are awarded a certificate on successful completion.  The courses range from being suitable for those with no prior knowledge to those that already have some experience in the sector.

The following courses have been approved for CPD.

Injection Moulding for Beginners (4 days)

  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Fundamental principles of speed and pressure
  • Mould protection
  • Fundamental principles of injection moulding
  • The importance of quality
  • Simple tooling care and maintenance

Injection Moulding for Setters (3 days)

  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Safe mould mounting

Intermediate Injection Moulding Theory (5 days)

  • The importance of process monitoring
  • Machine design & construction
  • Clamp force & shot weight calculation
  • Machine control
  • Moulding faults, causes & remedies
  • Basic tool design

Intermediate Injection Moulding Practical (4 days)

  • Zero parameter set up - clamp end
  • Zero parameter set up - injection end




Basic Understanding of Plastics Materials (3 days)

  • Plastic materials 1 - basic material concepts
  • Plastic materials 2 -polymers & additives

Advanced Understanding of Plastics Materials (3 days)

  • Plastics materials 3 - morphology & crystallinity
  • Plastics materials 4 - Tg & design influences
  • Fluid dynamics

Advanced Injection Moulding (5 days)

  • Processing & trouble shooting
  • The scientific process set up


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