16 January 2024

Seven representatives elected to IOM3 Advisory Council

IOM3 is delighted to announce new and re-elected members for its Advisory Council

Following a process of nominations and voting from members in the relevant grades and regions, the following have joined the Advisory Council for a period of four years.

Brendan Costello - Overseas Regional Representative
Brendan graduated from the Camborne School of Mines in 1988. He is a technical director of processing with more than 35 years of overseas experience in the mining communities of Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas, including 15 years in Australia, and now calling Canada home for 15 years whilst retaining strong links to the UK. He has experience in operations, project execution, engineering, studies, technology deployment, developing talent and is qualified for Minerals Reporting.

Nilmini Dissanayake - South East Regional Representative
Nilmini's motivation for regional engagement was ignited by the success revitalising the Southern Counties Materials, Minerals and Mining Society, that gave her the opportunity to collaborate with other affiliated local societies and IOM3 Technical Communities. She will aim to expand and strengthen the activities within the region and beyond to promote materials, minerals and mining activities involving both industry and academia. She will look forward to working collaboratively with the other regional representatives and the IOM3 Local Affairs Committee.

Gemma Dixon - North East Regional Representative
Gemma has been a member of lOM3 since 1998 and a Fellow since 2017. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a 1st Class Honours Masters in Natural Sciences (specialising in Materials Science and Metallurgy). She spent 19 years working for Rolls-Royce, across a number of roles and sites, in Manufacturing Technology, Special Processes control/ materials engineering and new facility start-up. This included a new fan blade factory in Singapore and a new fan case facility in Malaysia. Since 2020 she has led the Materials Engineering- Operations department in BAE Systems, Air. 

Lucy England - Member Grade
Lucy is a mineral processing engineer with over 20 years of experience working in the mining sector, eager to contribute skills and expertise to help shape the direction of the Institute and support our professional community. She believes that serving as a representative for her Grade on the Advisory Council will be a fantastic opportunity to share her ideas, insights, and experiences, and to support the Institute's mission of promoting excellence and innovation from a critical metals point of view. 

Caitlin Fitzpatrick - Associate Grade
Caitlin is a Graduate Materials Engineer working at Sellafield. 

Tiziana Marrocco -  Scotland Regional Representative
Tiziana's technical expertise is in materials science/engineering, failure investigation, asset management, surface and coating technologies. She has been part of the Committee of the Scottish Association for Metals since 2018, first as a regular member, then vice-president, recently president. Beforehand, she was involved with the branch activities of the Sheffield Branch of The Welding Institute over seven years. 

Paul Withey - Fellow Grade
Paul has been involved with the governance of the Institute in diļ¬€erent roles for more than two decades. He is currently Professor of Casting Technology at the University of Birmingham, with two decades of experience working in industry. 

The Advisory Council still has vacancies for representatives of the Affiliate and Technician grades. If you are interested in either of these roles then please contact Anita Horton.