14 February 2021

Rio Tinto launches sustainability label for aluminium using blockchain

Transparency, traceability and responsible production come to the forefront.

Aluminium foil
© Otherness TV/Unsplash

The START label on aluminum products will help Rio Tinto's customers meet the demand from consumers for transparency on where and how the products they purchase are made. It aims to help end-users to make informed choices about the products they buy, enabling them to differentiate between end products based on their environmental, social and governance credentials.

Customers will receive a digital sustainability label using secure blockchain technology. Information provided will include the site where the aluminium was produced, covering ten criteria: carbon footprint, water use, recycled content, energy sources, community investment, safety performance, diversity in leadership, business integrity, regulatory compliance and transparency.

The START sustainability label is now available for aluminium purchased from Rio Tinto’s managed operations globally. Rio Tinto says it will also provide technical expertise through a sustainability advisory service and support for customers looking to build their sustainability offerings, benchmark and improve performance, support sourcing goals and access to green financing.

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