20 January 2022

Plastic Drawdown tool to help Maldives reduce plastic waste by 85%

A study published in the journal Global Environmental Change reveals a new policy tool, known as Plastic Drawdown, could reduce plastic waste in the Maldives by 85% by 2030

© Mike Swigunski/Unsplash

The model, developed by experts at the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, Eunomia, Nekton, The Government of the Maldives and Common Seas, gives governments the confidence and evidence base needed to create policy that could lead to reductions in plastic waste.

Scientists designed Plastic Drawdown for countries with limited data and used it in partnership with practitioners in Maldives to explore solutions to minimise plastic pollution.  This means it can be used by the most in-need countries who have little information about their plastic consumption and waste.

The Plastic Drawdown gave the government of the Maldives the necessary evidence and confidence needed to announce and implement an ambitious phase out strategy for single use plastic.

Common Seas is now seeking new partnerships to scale this work to new geographies in 2022 and beyond.

Common Seas CEO Jo Royle says, ‘More than half of the world's most plastic polluting countries do not have an adequate plan in place to tackle plastic pollution. 

‘The Maldives, a beautiful country tainted by the curse of plastic waste, is showing ambition and real leadership on this issue. In 2022 we are excited to see the Plastic Drawdown model rolled out across the world.’