3 March 2023

PIABC call for assessors & question setters

The awarding body are currently seeking members that would be interested volunteering across three disciplines.


PIABC Limited, the awarding body of IOM3, is the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for a number of trailblazer apprenticeships. End Point Assessment (EPA) is the summative assessment at the end of an apprenticeship and is usually comprised of a number of assessment methods including observations, project report and viva, a professional discussion and a knowledge test.

The three standards that PIABC are calling for assessors and questions setters are:

  • Level 3 Composite Technician apprenticeship meets the professional standards required for Eng.Tech. registration
  • Level 6 Materials Science Technology apprenticeship is a bachelor's degree level programme
  • Level 7 Materials Process Engineer apprenticeship at master’s level looking at materials process engineer management

If you are a member of IOM3 with the capability to assess an apprentice at the relevant level for one of the three standards and you would like to give something back to support those in their early career, PIABC would like to hear from you.

Full training will be given and all assessors and question setters will be renumerated for their time. For more information and an application pack please contact PIABC