17 November 2022
by Hassan Akhtar

Novel 4D microscope developed

TESCAN has announced a new scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) built from the ground up.

TiO2 distribution and orientation image from the battery anode material © TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING a.s.

The microscope, named TESNOR, provides high resolution multimodal 2D and 3D characterisation at the nanoscale. It can help the analysis of: semiconductors; thin films for research and development; failure analysis of logic; memory; storage devices; and advanced packages.

It can also aid crystallographers by determining the crystallographic structure of small, sub-micron natural or synthetic particles that are too small to be characterized using micro-XRD techniques.

The novelty of TENSOR is its ease of use, with the Chief Product Officer Vratislav Koštál stating, ‘[TENSOR is] a more accessible TEM solution that is high-performing and productive for mainstream use’.

For more information visit: https://info.tescan.com/stem


Hassan Akhtar