17 July 2023

IOM3 Mining Technology Group (MTG) – Conference Proposal

MTG is seeking feedback on its proposal for a major conference looking to the future of the mining sector

‘Advances in Mining Technology & Mineral Supply’ Initial Scoping for Expressions of Interest


The Mining Technology Group (MTG) of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) has organised several successful conferences in recent years. The MTG is pleased to be planning another major conference but this time looking to the future of the mining sector. The purpose of this initial scoping is to provide an outline of the conference and seek feedback and expressions of interest (see below) to help the MTG deliver the most relevant and rewarding event experience.


The welcome growth in mining-related events has centred on critical minerals, net-zero initiatives and sustainability. Indeed, the last MTG conference in 2021, Legacies of Mineral Extraction and Sustainability Opportunities, contained many such elements. Whilst these will remain relevant for its next conference, the MTG intends to switch the focus to its main identity, that of mining technology. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) applications feature prominently in the knowledge and experience of new members joining IOM3. Mining is now more prominent in the UK media than it has been in decades, regularly featuring for example in BBC programming. This latest MTG conference has the potential to build on those trends for the benefit of its members in IOM3 and the future of UK mining. The latter is likely to be shaped by a range of factors, including sustainable mining practices, regulatory changes, public and stakeholder opinion, the war for talent, strategic capabilities in mineral supply and the demand for materials.

Aims & Objectives

It is felt there is a need to highlight the innovative technological advances that are being made to develop modern mining techniques at every step of the mining lifecycle. The conference will explore how advances in technology such as automation, extended reality and the use of artificial intelligence could lead to improvements across the mining and minerals sectors. This will be essential if mining is to gain a wider acceptance. Moreover, by examining the interactions between mining technology and mineral supply the conference will aim to inform how standards are being raised in mining and about the essential contribution to society from mining. The projected growth in demand for minerals, metals and downstream materials for future energy and fuel transitions is well‐documented. The UK is not exceptional and has a share of the mining responsibility to use its own indigenous resources. It is therefore another key aim of the conference to promote the transfer of knowledge and support and disseminate mining education, research and professional development in order to attract more people into the sector. The MTG is particularly excited about the prospect for post‐conference training sessions on AI applications in mining.

The overall objective is to engage a wider audience from not only mine developers, operators and suppliers but also manufacturers, end users (customers), academic researchers, students, regulators, science and engineering bodies, parliamentarians and policymakers. The conference will provide a destination for such stakeholders to change the face of the mining industry through technology.

Format & Location

  • UK venue, probably London, Spring 2025

  • 1‐2 days conference with evening social event

  • Post‐conference training session/day on emerging AI (artificial intelligence) mining technologies

  • Possible technology‐based site visit, depending on venue

Possible Themes

  • UK Mineral Supply for Mining Developments

  • Mine Exploration & Development

  • Mine Design, Mine Access & Mining Operations

  • Mine Surveying, Monitoring & Management

  • Use of Data & 3D Modelling

  • Mineral Processing & Metallurgy

  • Mine Safety

  • Mine Rehabilitation & Afteruses

  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in Mining

  • Extended Reality (Virtual, Augmented & Mixed)

  • Technology Applications in UK Mining Projects (Case Studies)

  • Downstream Materials from Mined Products

Speakers & Presentations

The MTG wishes to encourage a broad dialogue by attracting a range of speakers such as:

  • Mining developers, operators and manufacturers of material products

  • Mining suppliers and consultants

  • Academic researchers

  • Members of local government and enterprise bodies in mining constituencies


The event will be ‘IOM3 Approved for CPD’ and delegates will receive CPD certificates.

Sponsorship & Trade Exhibition

  • The MTG anticipates a good level of interest from sponsors and exhibitors

  • Any early notifications of intent will be very welcome to help with conference planning.

Expressions of Interest

In tandem with the different approach of this conference proposal, the MTG is taking an unusual step of seeking expressions of interest to help gauge demand, prior to any call for papers. We are keen to receive early feedback on or from:

  • The content of the conference

  • Possible speakers and topics

  • Parties interested in providing AI training sessions

  • Indication of likely attendance from delegates

  • Potential sponsors or exhibitors

Please complete our online form to send in your ideas and thoughts by the end of October.