6 November 2020

Autonomous technology for Royal Marines

Off the coast of Cyprus, the Royal Navy’s Littoral Strike Group has run trials of new and experimental equipment including drones, autonomous systems, quad bikes, jet skis and communications systems.

Royal Marines trained with the Malloy T-150 quadcopter drones

Royal Marines trained with the Malloy T-150 quadcopter drones

The Littoral Strike Group (Experimentation) [LRGX] features the deployment of the Royal Navy’s high readiness Littoral Strike forces on a three-month deployment to the Mediterranean and Black Sea region. During the exercise, the Royal Navy has tested advanced tactics and kit including the Future Command Force (FCF) – the evolution of the Royal Marines into a hi-tech raiding and strike force.

The FCF will overhaul how the Royal Marines operate in a 21st century context. Commando Forces will be used for Littoral Strike capability, which is their use from a sea-base to attack targets or influence events in high risk, demanding or politically delicate areas.

In Cyprus, commando teams experimented with Malloy T-150 quadcopter drones carrying resupplies of ammunition weighing more than 60kg, military jet ski-style vehicles that can drop small teams and supplies ashore and state of the art communications technology providing live imagery.

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