14 June 2024
by Sarah Morgan

Manufacturers' trade body sets objectives for next UK Government

Make UK Makers’ Manifesto calls for real support for UK manufacturers.

© Photo by Clayton Cardinalli on Unsplash

It states, ‘By 2050, UK manufacturers aim to achieve net-zero emissions, prioritising energy efficiency and industrial innovation every step of the way.

‘While relocating all production domestically may not be feasible, the government has significant opportunities to bolster the manufacturing sector, create high-quality jobs, and position the UK as a robust, resilient and competitive economy.’

In the Manifesto, Make UK has set out 10 key objectives they believe are crucial for the next government if they want to support and grow the UK’s manufacturing sector to meet these ambitions:

1. A long-term, robust and modern industrial strategy

2. Maximise the opportunities of a net-zero economy

3. Grow and develop manufacturing future talent

4. Retrain and upskill the current workforce

5. Unlock innovation, support commercialisation, accelerate digital adoption and automation

6. Create the right conditions for businesses to invest

7. Boost manufacturing exports across the globe

8. Invest in physical and digital infrastructure to enable local and national growth

9. Build the future factory with AI

10. Make our supply chains more resilient

Each come with their own set of recommendations that can be read in the full report online.

They state, ‘in order to realise these ambitions, manufacturers need firm commitments from the next government. Commitments underpinned by a long-term, robust and modern industrial strategy that lasts beyond political cycles.’