12 January 2021

IOM3 to award Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP) as SocEnv officially launch registration

The Society for the Environment (SocEnv) are delighted to announce the launch of the Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP) registration and IOM3 is pleased to be granted a licence to award their members.

In a statement, SocEnv said this a huge step forward to ensure high standards of professionalism and proven competence are met by those working to enhance and protect the environment across every sector.

Commenting on this latest addition to the professional registration suite available through IOM3, Dr Colin Church, Chief Executive, says, ‘Being able to award Registered Environmental Practitioner means we can recognise members who have so far been unable to gain accreditation for their environmental-related knowledge and understanding, and occupational ability. It also underlines our aim for IOM3 members to be heroes and not villains of the transition to a low carbon and resource efficient future’.

Dr Emma Wilcox, Chief Executive of SocEnv and IOM3 Fellow, says, ‘The launch of REnvP is a landmark moment for environmental professionalism, providing more individuals with the opportunity to gain professional registration and achieve external verification of their competence.

REnvP registrants are recognised by their peers to have met a high standard of professionalism in their environmental work. By signing up to a code of professional conduct, Registered Environmental Practitioners demonstrate competence to implement good practice, make informed decisions and co-ordinate projects.’

As with the Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech) professional registrations, SocEnv licences professional bodies to award the new REnvP registration directly to their members. The environment can be the core part of a REnvP’s role, or they can specialise in environmental work as, for example, an engineer or a construction manager.

The first successful REnvP applicants join a community of over 7,500 CEnv and REnvTech professionals from across sectors and continents.

The competence requirements for achieving REnvP mean that the registration sits directly in between the environmental technician registration, REnvTech, and Chartership level, CEnv. REnvP may therefore be considered an end goal in itself, and for others, a steppingstone to CEnv.

The REnvP registration’s direct link to the Environmental Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship, the very first degree apprenticeship for the environmental profession, is also transformative, with graduates ideally placed to achieve REnvP due to the practical experience and relevant knowledge obtained during their apprenticeship.

Aspiring REnvP registrants are now invited to apply. Successful applicants stand to become one of the very first to achieve REnvP, enhancing their CV and setting an example for others to be inspired by. Those who apply before 31 March 2021 may be eligible for a reduced initial registration fee*.

Those interested in receiving more information about REnvP should email Ian Bowbrick on [email protected] attaching a copy of their CV if they are looking to make an application.

To find out more about the REnvP, watch our short video below with our CEO Dr Colin Church FIMMM CEnv CRWM MCIWM as he explains why REnvP is an excellent way of proving that an individual is working to a high standard in their environmental work and the benefits of REnvP registration.