26 May 2021

IOM3 supports foundation industries green recovery research consortium

IOM3 is proud to support a research consortium examining how the foundation industries can grow and develop while helping achieve the net zero 2050 environmental targets.


TransFIRe (Transforming Foundation Industries Research and Innovation hub) was developed in response to the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) call to transform the foundation industries including chemicals, cement, ceramics, glass, metals and paper. These industries produce around 75% of all materials in the UK economy and are vital for the UK’s manufacturing and construction industries.

IOM3 Colin Church FIMMM CEnv said, ‘The transition to a low-carbon future requires substantial change to the foundation industries, the products of which in turn are fundamental to that transition. This means that IOM3 and its members have a huge interest in the work set out in this proposal and we are delighted to be part of the Hub’s Advisory Council and to play an active role in its activities.’

TransFIRe is a consortium of 20 researchers from 12 institutions, 49 companies and 14 non-governmental organisations related to the sectors, with expertise across the foundation industries as well as energy mapping, life cycle and sustainability, industrial symbiosis, computer science, AI and digital manufacturing, management and business, social sciences and technology transfer.

This programme will develop a self-sustaining hub of expertise to support the foundation industries' transformation into non-polluting, resource-efficient, modern, competitive businesses, working in harmony with the communities in which they are situated, providing attractive places to be employed with unparalleled equality, diversity and inclusion performance.

To find out more about the Consortium, visit bit.ly/3bW3v6l

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