4 March 2024
by Kovida Mehra

IOM3 launches the Sustainable Future Awards 2024

The Sustainable Future Awards 2024 are open for entries from teams and individuals who are pioneers in sustainability, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and the promotion of circular practices.

The IOM3 Sustainable Future Awards 2024 are open to individuals, teams, and organisations globally operating within the materials cycle. These awards aim to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, promoting a sustainable future and showcasing on-the-ground developments in practice. The awards will focus on four crucial categories:

  1. Circular Economy: Recognising good practices and innovation towards a more circular economy
  2. Sustainable Materials Innovation for Net-zero: Honouring contributions made by materials, minerals, and mining to the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient society.
  3. Inclusive Practices & Social Responsibility: Recognising an organisation’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive culture centered around equality.

  4. Sustainable Natural Resource Management: Celebrating excellence in sustainable resource management, protecting and enhancing biodiversity, water, air, and soil. Acknowledging organisations that protect the planet through responsible operations, value chains, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Entry for the awards is free, and the last date for entries is on 1 May 2024. The shortlisted finalists will be announced on 16 September 2024 and the Awards ceremony will be held in November.

Sarah Connolly, Innovation Lead at Innovate UK says, 'Being the headline sponsor of the IOM3 Sustainable Future Awards in 2023 allowed Innovate UK to raise the profile of its Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge and celebrate its core values of sustainable innovation, inclusive innovation, and through-supply-chain transformations.'

Winner in the Circular Economy category in 2023, Edward Kosior of Nextek Ltd expresses the significance of the IOM3 Sustainable Future Awards, 'The IOM3 award is especially important to us since it comes from a professional society with a very expert judging panel...we are honoured to be selected as the winner.'

The Sustainable Future Awards are a strategic opportunity for organisations to reflect on their initiatives and achievements in sustainability and emerge as changemakers in their industry. IOM3 also offers sponsorship opportunities for organisations who want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and thought leadership by association with the awards.

For more information please contact Kovida Mehra at [email protected] or Sorcha Donnelly at [email protected].

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View details of the 2023 award winners: IOM3 Sustainable Future Award winners announced


Kovida Mehra