3 October 2023

IOM3 launches new Active Supporter & Volunteer Hub

IOM3 has introduced a new online toolkit of information for its supporters and volunteers who are active in Institute governance, technical communities, member networks, membership assessment and conference organisation

The hub is particularly intended for those interested in applying for an Active Supporter and Volunteer (ASV) role as well as those already in one. A series of questions and answers has been prepared as a brief to the information provided within the hub. 

What is the purpose of the hub?
It is essentially a toolkit of what any current or prospective ASV needs to know about IOM3, their responsibilities, the resources available to them in the role and details of key IOM3 Team contacts, so that they can make the best of their time as an ASV.

Why has IOM3 created this now?
IOM3 is going through a significant period of change within its ASV community, with new recruits being onboarded regularly, some into key ASV posts. Many have not been involved in the business of IOM3 before and need to be made aware of what to expect.

Why is an ASV agreement needed?
IOM3 needs to be assured that anyone involved in its activities does so in accordance with its charitable objectives and, like any other business, has expectations on confidentiality, impartiality, data protection and respect for others that the ASV role will bring them into contact with. 

As a member, I am bound by the IOM3 member Code of Professional Conduct, so why do I need to sign up to another one?
The member code of professional conduct is focussed on a professional practice unlike the ASV code of conduct. In addition, there are instances where ASVs are not IOM3 members, and this covers that group.

I have not had any training in the requirements of the GDPR. Will IOM3 make this available to me?
Yes, if your ASV role requires it. In addition, we will also provide other training appropriate to your ASV role if you are not so qualified already. However, when it comes to a technically focussed ASV role, you will already be suitably qualified to be able to take it up.

Visit the ASV Hub

For more information, contact [email protected].

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