18 November 2020

IOM3 Fellow recognised as Honorary Fellow of Royal Microscopical Society

IOM3 is pleased to see one of its Fellows Professor George Smith FRS CEng FIMMM recognised as Honorary Fellow of Royal Microscopical Society served for those who have made the most outstanding contributions to microscopy or related branches of science throughout their careers.

Professor George Smith is an internationally-recognised pioneer in atom probe field-ion microscopy. His contributions to the fields of Microscopy, Metallurgy, and Materials Science have extended over 50 years, leading to paradigm-shifting developments in both our scientific understanding of materials and in microstructural characterisation at the atomic scale.

A Fellow of IOM3 and Royal Society, George is also the recipient of numerous prestigious international scientific and engineering awards.

Professor Smith's early research using field-ion microscopy provided fundamental understanding of atomic-scale structures, as well as the correlation of nano-scale microstructure with the behaviour of materials - both in terms of transformation behaviour and precipitation phenomena in metallic materials.  His extensive knowledge, expertise and his leadership in metallurgy/materials science and atom probe microanalysis resulted in the formation of prolific and extensive research programs studying phase transformations in alloys, segregation phenomena, irradiation damage, oxidation, semiconductors, metal matrix composites, and nanostructured materials.

Congratulations to George. Find out more about the RMS Fellowship at www.rms.org.uk/study-read/news-listing-page/scientists-receive-rms-hon-fellowships.html