12 December 2022

IOM3 celebrates 2022 Awards

IOM3 hosted the Special & Publication Awards as well as its Premier Awards winners (8 December) celebrating professional achievements and outstanding contributions in the field of science and engineering.

IOM3 President Neil Glover FREng CEng FIMMM presented the 2022 IOM3 Awards & Prizes winners with their medals and certificates. On the awards, Neil said, ‘It was great to meet the 2022 winners, it’s always good to meet people from across all our different membership activities, and to see the great work they are doing.

I would very much encourage people to make nominations for the upcoming 2023 IOM3 Awards & Prizes, we can only recognise the work that is being done… if they make a nomination. It’s really not as much work as people might think.’

Dr Sue Halliwell from Composites UK was awarded the Leslie Holliday Prize said, ‘It feels absolutely amazing to be a 2022 Award winner. Really humbling as well when looking at past winners in this particular category. I’m very honoured to be in the same group as those previously recognised.’

IOM3 also recognised the Outstanding Contribution Award for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, which Avery Cunningham GradIMMM received. Avery noted, ‘It’s important that IOM3 recognises excellence because it shows people what they can aspire to do. If you can see people doing these amazing things, and see them rewarded, you can look to do them yourself.’

A huge congratulations to all this year’s winners.