5 March 2021

IOM3 appoints new chair of IOM3 Composites Board

IOM3 is pleased to appoint Paul Hogg CEng CSci FIMMM as the new Chair of the IOM3 Composites Board taking over from Dan Kells.


Paul is a Director of Avalon Consultancy Services Ltd and Professor of Materials Engineering at Royal Holloway, University of London where he was previously Vice-Principal for Research and Enterprise and Dean of Science. Before moving to Royal Holloway in 2012 he was Head of the School of Materials at the University of Manchester and before that Head of Materials at Queen Mary, University of London. Paul originally studied materials at the University of Liverpool where he received his PhD in the field of stress corrosion of glass fibre composites back in 1983. His research career has always been focused on aspects of composites – from mechanical properties to processing and with a great interest in the use of textiles.

Speaking of the appointment, Paul says, 'I have always been an enthusiastic supporter of the Institute and in particular the IOM3 Composites board. I hope I can continue the good work of my predecessors and keep the board active, current, and relevant to its constituency. I feel it is important that the board plays a major role in addressing skills and supporting our younger members in their professional journey. I would like to ensure that all of those members who work in the field of composites have a say in what the group can do for them and to feel that the board, and by implication the Institute, is their professional home looking after their interests. It is such an exciting time for composites with opportunities springing up for lightweight structures to facilitate electric vehicles, clean aviation, and renewable energy. The IOM3 Composites Group can play a key role in continuing to grow the strong engineering composites community that we need in the UK to take advantage of these opportunities.'