28 June 2022
by QA&PD Providers


Training in the metallurgy of aluminium and aluminium rolling

At Innoval, knowledge is our business.  As aluminium consultants, we're here to share our expertise to help you develop products and processes that are better for people and for the planet.  We provide technical support, help identify improvement opportunities and deliver client-focussed training to share our knowledge.

Right now, we work predominantly in aluminium because of its many benefits and so we've developed a suite of training courses.  These include public courses and courses created especially for our clients.  Product-specific training, such as for beverage cans or automotive sheet, helps our clients really understand material behaviour during manufacture.  Metallurgy, surface treatment, corrosion and lubrication are some of the topics covered in our product courses.  Our courses are written by Innoval consultants with industry experience and who are familiar with day-to-day production issues.


The following courses have been approved for professional development:

Introduction to Aluminium Metallurgy

  • Virtual course over three half day sessions
  • Suitable as an introductory course for graduates in engineering or materials
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Aluminium Rolling Technology

  • Delivered as a five-day classroom course or virtually over ten half-day sessions
  • Suitable for engineering graduates
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