16 October 2020

Rethinking Supply Chains with Additive Manufacturing

Markforged | INFORM on demand

The world is a dynamic place, and we need flexible supply chains that anticipate and meet this requirement. The last 6 months have dramatically highlighted the danger of building fixed supply chains with multiple failure points. 

So how can we rethink our strategies and invest in building agile supply chains that are robust, responsive and cost-effective in the face of potential future disruption? How can industrial equipment manufacturers apply additive manufacturing/3D printing to improve operational performance? 

In this webinar you will learn more about: 

  • How additive manufacturing plays a key role in rethinking supply chains 
  • Real applications: how modern manufacturers have built flexible and responsive manufacturing operations by implementing the Digital Forge 
  • Create a robust and smart manufacturing platform bringing both 3D printing and the power of software to real world engineers  

Presented by Jeremy Drew, Applications Engineering Manager EMEA

Jeremy Drew is a time-served and proven Applications Engineering Manager for EMEA, with over 30 years of experience in global manufacturing, operating across all sectors. His background in materials and conventional subtractive processes from diamond grinding to speak erosion, has provided a bridge to AM technologies in a game-changing way.  


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