12 October 2023
by IOM3 Training Academy

Hot spots in coupling - the new TG-FT-IR coupling

Exploring advanced characterisation techniques | INFORM on demand

The collaboration between Bruker Optics GmbH & CO. KG and NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing started 30 years ago. During this time, the instrument combination developed into a very flexible, high-performance, state-of-the-art coupling. Nowadays, different instrument combinations can cover widespread applications. These techniques enable getting a deep inside into different material classes.  

Especially coupling of thermal analyzers (TGA, STA) and infrared spectrometers (FT-IR) between Bruker and NETZSCH products has been a well-established analytical combination for decades. The origins of mass-loss effects on temperature treatment can easily be unveiled.

In this webinar, we will present the new TG-FT-IR coupling interface. Elevated temperatures in the coupling adapter, transfer line and gas cell now allow for the detection of high-boiling volatiles.

Learn more about the versatile applications of this coupling.

This webinar is aimed at a specific target group from the field of science and research, in particular professionals and experts working in the areas of thermal analysis (TGA, STA) and infrared spectrometry (FT-IR).
  • Scientists and researchers: individuals working in academic institutions, research laboratories, or industrial companies involved in thermoanalytical techniques (TGA, STA) and infrared spectrometry (FT-IR).
  • Analytical chemists: professionals who work in laboratories and are involved in the characterization of materials and substances by specialized analytical techniques.
  • Product developers: individuals involved in the development and optimization of materials, products, or processes where accurate analysis of thermal and chemical properties is required.
  • Quality assurance professionals: professionals responsible for monitoring and assuring the quality of materials and products in various industries.
  • Engineers and technicians: individuals working in technical fields who need an understanding of how to combine thermoanalytical and spectroscopic techniques to solve problems or develop innovative solutions.
  • Research students and graduate students: Students working on their theses or dissertations in materials science, chemistry, or related fields who have an interest in advanced analytical techniques.
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry professionals: individuals working in industries where characterization of materials and chemical substances is of great importance.
Since the webinar will focus on a specific technical coupling interface and its possible applications, it is important that the target audience already has a basic knowledge and interest in thermal analysis and infrared spectrometry.