15 February 2021

Goodfellow expands Green Production initiative

International company Goodfellow has expanded its Green Production initiative, which promotes the use of environmentally sound products and processes that conserve energy and natural resources.

Footprint in sand
© Pascal Müller/Unsplash

Materials that are part of the expanded initiative from the supplier of metals and materials for research and industry, include those that are bio-based, biodegradable and/or nontoxic as well as those that are renewable, recyclable and designed to save energy through innovative design.

Products include ultra-pure, metal-free graphene produced by what the company describe as a rapid and highly scalable ‘green’ production process; a range of biopolymers made from renewable resources; and lightweight, energy-saving foams and honeycombs that require less source material to produce while providing numerous functional benefits.

The company explains it is seeking a favourable balance between product quality and reducing the product’s carbon footprint.