26 January 2023
by Sarah Morgan

First UK, zero-carbon, end-to-end, logistics service

The UK’s first electric freight service has been launched by Varamis and Network Rail.

© Varamis

The service will run between Scotland and the Midlands, Monday to Friday. Targeted at express parcels, retailers, and third-party delivery companies, it will primarily deal with next-day delivery of consumer goods.

Eversholt Rail has converted a few fully electric, four-car, trains formerly used in passenger service to carry freight, while Network Rail provided the necessary operating licenses, contracts, and train paths for the service to operate.

Varamis Rail, Network Rail, Eversholt, Steer Consultancy and wider partners within the logistics sector have worked together to launch the service. This followed trial operations to test the robustness and practicality of the operation.

The fully electric service launched on the 9 January. It gives access to urban rail stations located within the heart of city centres.

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