18 December 2023
by Sarah Morgan

Ferrari film partners with CRP Technology

An Italian-based 3D Printing company, CRP Technology, has collaborated with Michael Mann’s film production team on Ferrari, based on Enzo Ferrari’s life.

3D-printed visor for helmet in glass fibre reinforced composite Windform GT, assembly test (on left) and helmet built, on the scene on actor and dummy (on the right). Courtesy Prop On-Set Team

© CRP Technology and Prop On-Set Ferrari Team

Drawing inspiration from Brock Yates’ 1991 biography, Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine, Mann's new film, Ferrari explores the impact of this famous Italian on the realms of both automotive engineering and motorsport history.

The manufacturer known for its advancements in the Additive Manufacturing sector, has manufactured and delivered functional 3D printed props. These components included: driver helmet parts (visor), pit components and cat’s eyes.

Rooted in the Motor Valley, CRP Technology shares its birthplace and headquarters with Ferrari.

The manufacturer said they applied cutting-edge Additive Manufacturing techniques and employed its advanced Windform materials for Laser Sintering.

Reportedly the mathematics of the parts were aged to adapt the 3D components to the scene needs.

The components were commissioned to CRP Technology while the film crew was shooting in Modena, to be used immediately, during the filming in Modena and northern Italy.

CRP Technology provided the required 3D printed parts in line with the shooting schedule.

The Italian release of the film was on 14 December, worldwide release is set for 25 December.