29 April 2021

Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

View this on-demand webinar which took place on Thursday 29 April 2021.

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This webinar unpacks the major packaging reform consultations and explores the material-specific opportunities and challenges.


Session 1

  • Welcome
    Rachel Stonehouse, Policy Research Fellow, IOM3
  • Highlights of the EPR and DRS consultations
    Pat Jennings, Knowledge & External Affairs Director, CIWM

Session 2

  • Session chair introduction
    Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director, SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK
  • Overarching materials view
    Paul Vanston, Chief Executive, The Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment (INCPEN)
  • Stream 1 - Metal Packaging
    Chair: Dr Robert Fell, Director and Chief Executive, MPMA
    • Steel producer & reporcessor perspective
      Nicola Jones, Steel Packaging Recycling Manager
      Tata Steel
    • Aluminium packaging
      Dr Mike Clinch, Senior Consultant & Materials Development Group Leader, Innoval Technology Limited
    • Metal packaging manufacturer perspective
      Elaine Barrett, European Environmental Manager, Crown
  • Stream 2 - Plastic packaging
    Chair: Dr Sally Beken, UK Circular Plastics Network Manager, KTN
    • EPR for plastic packaging – an overview 
      Mike Swain, Managing Director, Pack IDS Ltd.
    • Key directions for EPR in plastics -design and PCR
      Professor Edward Kosior, Managing Director, Nextek | NEXTLOOPP
    • The merits (or otherwise) of the approach to biodegradable packaging
      Danielle Purkiss, UCL Plastic Waste Innovation Lab
  • Materials panel session
    Chair: Dr Adam Read
    • Metal
      Dr Robert Fell, MPMA
    • Plastic
      Dr Sally Beken, KTN
    • Glass
      Dr Nick Kirk, Technical Director, British Glass
    • Paper/board
      Dr Sarah Connolly
    • Wood
      Dr Graham Ormondroyd, Bangor University

Session 3

  • Session chair's introduction
    Jude Allan, Chair, IOM3 Packaging Society
  • Labelling
    Margaret Bates, Executive Director, OPRL Ltd.
  • End-user perspective
    Niall Walker, Packaging Sustainability Manager Global Procurement, Diageo

Introductory Session Webinar: 

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