19 February 2021

European Federation of Corrosion calling for applications for its virtual reality short film

The European Federation of Corrosion wishes to promote innovative concepts in the field of Virtual Reality (VR).

© vadimguzhva/Getty Images

The term 'VR' is appreciably broad and includes all types of simulations in a VR environment, such as VR experiences / VR animations / augmented reality (AR) or technology-oriented production approaches based on VR / AR. In a short film, specific corrosion phenomena are to be presented to the public in a clear and effective way. The length of the film should be between 2 and a maximum of 5 minutes. The call for applications will start on 22 February 2021 and the deadline for applications is 31 March 2021. Institutions, groups as well as individuals can apply.

Concepts from young students who are still studying or working on graduate studies in the field of materials science, chemical engineering, chemical engineering, or a related discipline are especially desirable. 

Applicants should cover at least the areas of directing, look, technical directing and production. The basis of the application should be a project concept. After pre-selection, up to 6 teams will be invited to interviews. Then, up to three projects will be selected. During the entire project, from the concept phase to the prototype ready for presentation, EFC's experts are available at any time for consultations. After submission, a jury will evaluate the work and the best application will be awarded the prize money. The EFC may not award any prizes if no qualified applications are received by the EFC. The prizes consist of:

  • 1st prize: certificate and 1,250 euros 
  • 2nd prize: certificate and 500 euros 
  • 3rd prize: certificate and 250 euros 

For further information and submission of applications, please contact Dr Roman Bender or visit https://efcweb.org