17 June 2022

Elastomers Used in Electric Vehicles

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This webinar discussed and addressed relevant challenges and solutions to very important transportation issues. The electric vehicle market is set to expand considerably leading up to 2030, as vehicle makers seek to reduce emissions.

The increased demand for electric vehicles will drive considerable investment in electric storage and power in the next few years.

Chair: James Busfield | [email protected]

  • Quiet cars don't deserve squeaky weather seals
    David Bareich, President, GBIE
    [email protected]
  • How the EV battery industry is changing and what this might mean for elastomers
    Christopher Lyness, Battery Systems Lead, Vertical Aerospace
    [email protected]
  • What use for polymers in Li-ion and solid state batteries?
    Dr Andre de Almeida
    , Process engineer, Solid State Battery Program, Saft
    [email protected]
  • The influence of new mobility trends on elastomers
    Marjan Hemstede-van Urk
    , Technical Manager, ARLANXEO
    [email protected]

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