30 May 2024

Confused by CBAM? Listen to our podcast

Understanding supply chains and the carbon intensity of products is crucial for CBAM compliance - our podcast tells you more.


Our latest podcast explains the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), a way to put a fair price on carbon emitted during the production of carbon-intensive goods entering the EU, with the aim of encouraging cleaner industrial production in non-EU exporting countries and preventing carbon leakage.

The EU CBAM covers goods such as steel, aluminium, electricity, iron, cement, fertilisers, and hydrogen.

The UK is also planning to introduce its own CBAM from 2027, which will include goods like aluminium, cement, ceramics, fertilisers, glass, hydrogen, and iron and steel. The conversation explores the challenges and lessons learned from implementing the CBAM in the EU and UK. The main themes include the interaction between CBAM and emissions trading schemes, the importance of data management and supplier engagement, and the complexities of reporting and compliance. Overall, the conversation highlights the opportunities and challenges of CBAM and the importance of proactive preparation and tailored support.