9 May 2024
by Hassan Akhtar AIMMM

Coal Authority data free for public sector

It is now free to access and use the UK Coal Authority’s mining data for public sector activities.

© kheartmanee thongyot/Shutterstock

This announcement comes alongside the report on Coal Authority data and information plan 2024 to 2027. A key part of the report is to supply data free of charge for projects and activities funded by the taxpayer.

The data includes underground mine workings that sit beneath around a quarter of properties in Great Britain and is used to identify hazards, respond to incidents and emergencies, and to design systems that help prevent mine water from polluting drinking water, rivers and the sea. It is hoped the data can help wider national targets.

Gerry Wildman, Principal Data and Information Manager at the Coal Authority says, ‘We recognise the important role of the public sector in funding and delivering projects that support infrastructure and services, as well as projects that protect our environment and contribute to the government’s net-zero targets.’

The Coal Authority is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. They also collaborate with the Geospatial Commission on wider national targets.

Further guidance on the Coal Authority data can be found here.


Hassan Akhtar AIMMM