18 November 2021

ClayTech UK 2021

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ClayTech UK is the largest exhibition of suppliers to the UK heavy clay industry, with its key role as a showcase of innovation, technical learning opportunities and the networking event for all of those involved in the heavy clay industry.

Following consideration and with a strong sense of responsibility, the decision was taken by the ICTa ClayTech UK organising committee to postpone the physical exhibition until 2022, and host the event virtually this year, with emphasis on delivering exceptional engagement, networking and knowledge exchange between remote participants.

The webinar content is focused around Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for the industry, particularly those studying for the Clay Quarry Managers and the L2 and L3 Clay Technology courses. The webinar preludes the ICTa Annual Meeting 2021.

Technical Presentations

Clay Evaluation and Testing

Presented by Carl Cuthbert, Forterra Building Products

  1. Drilling for evaluation of reserves and quality
  2. Clay Sampling for Extraction and Stockpiling
  3. Laboratory Testing and Analysis
  4. Fired Slabs and Extrusions

Geotechnical Inspections, Regulatory Control and Planning

Presented by John Carlon, Cromwell Wood Estate Company Ltd

This presentation will focus on methods to reduce risk through planning, permitting and geotechnical inspection regimes. 

Key learning objectives

  • How to mitigate problems that can occur within a quarry related to unstable ground and rock fall
  • What investigative methods can be implemented to reduce risk to workforce and assets