1 February 2023

Characterising microplastics project calls for participants

International standardisation network VAMAS is leading a project to standardise methodologies for characterising microplastics.

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There is a need for standardised measurements of microplastic size distribution, shape, mass content and number concentration, as regulation requires a reliable set of methods and accurate precise results. This inter-laboratory comparison is intended to complete the entire sequence of microplastic particle analysis, with the aim to include the evaluation of results and methods into new ISO standards. 

The objectives are to: 

  • Validate the performance of microscopy and spectroscopy methods (µ-IR, µRaman) and thermogravimetric methods (Py-GC/MS, TED-GC/MS) to measure the particle size distribution, shape, mass content, particle number concentration of microplastic particles.
  • Achieve precision and accuracy of the results for comparability and for pre­standardisation and harmonisation.

Current participants in the project include volunteers from across the globe, with additional members welcome according to VAMAS procedures. Participants must fund their own involvement. 

For more information, contact project leads Dr Dan Hodoroaba, Dr Dmitri Ciornii, Dr Korinna Altmann

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