8 December 2022
by Sarah Morgan

CBE+ invests £2mln in Europe’s first robotic automated electroless nickel plating line

CBE+ is installing the first 6+1 robotic electroless nickel plating (ENP) line in the UK and Europe, it will be delivered in December and fully operational in March 2023.

CBE+ CEO, Marie Cooper

This automated plating line will allow the company to undertake a range of projects at its Chesterfield base, including the processing of small, precision-engineered components in high volumes.

The automated line from Sidasa Engineering will reduce the time taken to complete and send large orders to customers and increasing CBE+’s electroless nickel production capacity.

Chief Executive Officer, Marie Cooper, says, 'The new plating line reduces the scope for human error... This results in a consistently high-quality finish on the products we process.

'Automating these tasks means we can redeploy skilled employees to projects that require higher levels of expertise.'

The new nickel-plating line will be linked with the newly commissioned effluent water treatment plant and combined heat and power (CHP) system.

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