22 September 2023

Call for participants to join a new BSI committee on specialty metals & materials

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is establishing a new committee to feed UK views into a newly created international ISO technical committee that will develop standards in the field of specialty metals and materials.

Interested stakeholders are being brought together to contribute their expertise and knowledge towards shaping and developing this new international standards programme.

Specialty metals and minerals are defined as commodities and commodity groups related to a broad range of existing and emerging technologies, renewable energy and national security. The following specialty metals and materials will form the scope of this committee: antimony, beryllium, cobalt, chromium, graphite, niobium, platinum group metals, and the standards will focus on classification, traceability, packaging, and chemical analysis methods.

We are keen to ensure the UK takes an active role in shaping the international standards that we be developed by this new ISO technical committee, and so we are inviting individuals and organisations who have a strong interest and expertise in this area to join our national committee.

The committee will have a chair and a BSI appointed committee manager to guide the committee through its standardisation tasks and will potentially meet once or twice a year to discuss its work programme and agree UK positions. These are voluntary roles with many benefits, from advanced access to drafts and standards, the opportunity to shape international standardisation from its early stages, be an internationally recognised UK expert in the field.

To kick start the work programme, two categories of standards for specialty metals and minerals have been proposed:

  • Foundational standards: Terms and definitions - Classification and designation - Delivery conditions: packing, transport and storage
  • Chemical analysis methods standards - Sampling, specifications and analytical methods

To find out more, get in touch with Dawn Hunter, BSI Senior Standards Manager at [email protected]

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