26 May 2023
by Alex Brinded

British company receives US$12mln to capture carbon from mining by-products.

The investment will reportedly enable UNDO to scale up in the UK and USA to capture millions of tonnes of carbon from mining by-products.

© kctinman / unsplash

UNDO spreads volcanic rock dust, a by-product of quarrying, across farms to permanently capture carbon in the soil - a process called rock weathering.

They say that spreading the basalt dust by-product reduces a quarry's operational carbon footprint and contributes to a circular economy and net-zero commitments.

The UK-company offer to collect waste rock dust from quarries free of charge.

Mark Mitchelmore, Technical Manager at Breedon Group, comments, 'This partnership with UNDO presents Breedon with the opportunity to repurpose aggregate stocks that are surplus to requirement and we have committed over 35,000 tonnes of basalt to UNDO over the next six months. This commitment will help UNDO to permanently remove over 8,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; and has the added benefit of improving soil quality for farmers.'

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Alex Brinded

Staff Writer