18 January 2023
by Alex Brinded

Apprenticeship institute launches strategy for green skills

The Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education will support employers to achieve sustainable growth and meet net zero targets.

Building site with young man talking to older builder
© thisisengineering / unsplash

The first of their three green principles are that apprenticeships and technical qualifications should be ready to fill the latest environmental needs. Their second principle is that T Levels and Higher Technical Qualifications should help learners find green jobs and apprenticeships, and there should be more support for employers to make these apprenticeships more sustainable. And lastly, that organisation should embed a sustainable culture.

The IfATE says that there are already examples of how green skills have been added to occupational standards, such for sustainability business specialists, the new domestic electrician one and the one for forest craftspersons.

Over the next year a battery manufacturing technician standard will emerge, and the installation electrician and maintenance standard will include skills for installing EV charging points.


Alex Brinded

Staff Writer