2 February 2021

Courses Accreditation update for students

Ian Bowbrick, Director of Membership gives an update on accreditation for students in the UK.

We at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining have become increasingly aware in recent days of student concerns over the continued accredited status of their degree course. For those of you not familiar with the term ‘accreditation’ and our role, it is the outcome of a quality assurance exercise where degree courses are measured and assessed against professional standards set by the body who regulates the engineering profession in the UK, the Engineering Council. IOM3 holds a licence to undertake this activity and it is highly likely that we accredit the course you are currently studying.

IOM3 has been working in recent months with university departments to ensure that courses remain accredited despite the complications being caused by the current pandemic and lockdowns. All university departments are making significant efforts to ensure that their accreditation status remains unaffected. Where we have approved the changes to delivery and course content, students will receive a letter from us through their department confirming the ongoing accreditation of their degree course. 

Further information is available from [email protected]

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