27 January 2023
by Alex Brinded

3D printing radio antennas

The University of Sheffield has 3D-printed radio antennas that could bring 5G and 6G to remote communities.

© Jamie Street / unsplash

The researchers from the University of Sheffield say that the millimetre wave aerials are much quicker and cheaper to produce yet have the same level of performance as those used by the telecommunications industry. They claim that the technique can produce the antennas in a few hours for only a few pounds.

The new antennas use silver nanoparticles and have been tested at various frequencies by 5G and 6G networks by 5G and 6G netowkrs up to 48GHz. The gain and time domain response, which affect the signal direction and strength, is said to be almost indistinguishable from traditionally manufactured antenna.


Alex Brinded

Staff Writer