IOM3 150th anniversary celebration plans for 2019

IOM3 150th Anniversary
1 Oct 2018

IOM3 is planning a programme of events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its founding as the Iron and Steel Institute in 1869. The Iron and Steel Society, a division of IOM3, has taken the lead in putting together a programme of events to mark this important year in the history of the Institute.

The calendar of events includes an Inauguration Day on the exact date of the first official meeting of the Iron and Steel Institute, a series of technical conferences, social events, Younger Member events, local society events and associated activities such as a special anniversary issue of Materials World and a virtual exhibition.

Full details of the events programme will appear on the 150th anniversary microsite at and will be announced in Materials World as they become available. We hope that as many members (and non-members) as possible will take the opportunity to join in the celebrations.