Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture and Awards

21 Oct 2020
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The Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture is organised by IOM3 on behalf of the Iron and Steel Society

Power to the people democratisation driven by coated steel products

Professor Dave Worsley, Swansea University 
Awarded the Bessemer Gold Medal for 2020

Each year Tata Steel in the UK produces 100 million square metres of building cladding that ends up as the facades and roofs of buildings. Globally, steel building cladding is orders of magnitude more than this. In the UK, innovation in coating technology for metallic and organic systems now gives these lifetimes guaranteed for up to 40 years. These products are essentially stable but ‘dumb’ in that they do not do anything but look nice and keep the rain out!

Given their lifetime is around twice that of a current solar panel coupled with the innovation that is occurring in printed solar cells which can be produced in the laboratory with efficiencies now over 28% and solar thermal collectors which can combine with inter-seasonal storage, it seems an obvious step to explore the potential of these materials to have integrated generation technology to absorb the sun’s energy.  Considering the area of cladding made in the UK alone and that one sun is roughly equivalent to 1000 Watts, if we can apply a 10% solar cell to the steel this equates to around 1GW peak power per year of production! 

In this lecture Professor Dave Worsley will describe progress to-date on achieving this goal in relation to both applications in the UK and in India and Mexico where the Team are engaged with local communities to repurpose simple printing presses to make solar cells local to where they are needed. Real world examples of solar powered buildings will be discussed together with the way in which spare power can be deployed to drive the electric vehicle revolution or provide power for communities who may never have grid connections in the way we view them currently.   

Speaker Details 

Professor Dave Worsley is author and co-author of 135 scientific publications on functional coating product development. He has worked closely with the coatings industry since the mid-1990s, following an industry sponsored PhD (Johnson Matthey), an Industrial Fellowship (Astra Zeneca) and a British Steel Fellowship.

As a Tata Steel sponsored Professor at Swansea University, Dave leads a number of national and international consortium projects supporting the transformation of industry to a lower carbon future. To date he has led the development of over £120M investment in collaborative training, research and innovation.

Dave has pioneered Active Buildings, which integrate renewable energy technologies and functional coatings for heat, power and transport. The Active Building principle is being expanded internationally with the development of building integrated solar energy for rural communities in India.

An early pioneer of electric vehicles, Dave recognised that with steel products and energy integral to the supply of materials in the manufacture of land, air and sea transport and construction, by employing Active Buildings there is an opportunity to address the UK Steel Industry’s 2050 de-carbonisation targets.

Dave is also passionate about EVs, Minis and Land Rover V8s and is the recipient of the IOM3 Bessemer Gold Medal for 2020.

Iron and Steel Society Award Presentation

The Annual Bessemer Lecture will begin with the Iron and Steel Society Award Presentation

Adrian Normanton Prize 

Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant 

Hadfield Medal & Prize 

Thomas Medal & Prize 

Bessemer Gold Medal 

Williams Award


16:00 - Welcome and Introduction

16:05 - Iron and Steel Society Awards Presentation 

16:30 - Bessemer Lecture delivered by Prof. Dave Worsley

17:30 - Closing Comments  

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