Plenary Presentations


Titanium Research Developments in the United Kingdom


The Research Progress and Industry Developments of Titanium in China


Recent Research and Development Activities on Titanium in Japan    



Research, Development, and Application of Titanium in France


Developments in Titanium Research and Applications in Germany


Trends in the Research, Development and Application of Titanium in the USA





New Application of Titanium for Bipolar Plate Material of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells


Recent development of Ti-Mo and Ti-Cr based superelastic alloys


Hydrogen in Titanium and Stress Corrosion Cracking



Modelling, Measurement and Management of Residual Stress During Manufacturing of Titanium Components


Understanding the Transformation Behaviour of Metastable Beta Alloys


Texture Development During the Hot Forming and Annealing of Dual-phase Ti Alloys



Fabricating Titanium and Titanium Alloy Parts and Structural Members Cost and Energy Effectively by a Novel PM Technology


Production Cost of Current Titanium Metallurgical Process and Possibility of New Alternative Process


Aerospace Materials





Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Aerospace and Space Components


Titanium Aluminides – Status of the Production of Ingots, Semi-Finished Products and Powders



New Strategies for Strain-hardening Improvements in Titanium Alloys


Titanium: A Promising Metal Full of Challenges



Full Programme

The detailed programme schedule will be available here in January 2023.