The UK strategy for net zero COemissions envisages nuclear power as a source of electricity for decades to come. Alongside existing technologies, new options are being developed including SMRs and advanced high temperature fission and fusion nuclear reactors. The UK government is strongly supporting the development of these systems with R&D activities in industry and academia.

The need to ensure safety and integrity of components designed to operate in excess of 60 years in some of the most challenging service conditions on the planet whilst controlling cost is leading to significant materials and fabrication challenges. This seminar will bring together parties across industry and academia to highlight the current challenges faced by the industry and discuss possible solutions that may be available. This seminar will provide a forum for professionals to share experience in the developments being undertaken across the various reactor concepts, addressing the challenges described.

Organised by the High Temperature Materials Group, this one-day conference will promote the understanding of the behaviour of high temperature structural materials with a view to improving both their reliability and performance in service applications.

Presentation topics will cover:

  • Experience with existing materials in the nuclear industry
  • Materials being developed for the new range of nuclear power generation
  • State of the art manufacturing and fabrication techniques, including additive manufacturing
  • Material issues still to be addressed with new nuclear generators

Who should attend?

This event is targeted towards industry, government laboratories or academia within the nuclear research and development sector in the UK and overseas. The aim is to provide an opportunity for this existing group of organisations along with those outside of the current nuclear industry but interested in participating, to become engaged with the technical challenges that exist at present.

Organisations involved in this seminar include UKAEA, Uniper, ONR, Rolls Royce, Jacobs, Bristol University, Nuclear AMRC, EDF Energy, Materials Processing Institute, and others. 

Presentation and poster opportunities available

Prospective authors are invited to submit 200 word abstracts on any of the topics highlighted above for consideration in the programme. Deadline for submission: 30 September 2022

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