Resource and Waste Management 2024

This event is supported by IOM3.

The Resource & Waste Management Expo (RWM) is where you'll connect with the biggest players in waste, recycling and resource.

This is the ultimate destination for professionals across the entire resource supply chain. From large waste management businesses to independent operators, local authorities to industry and manufacturing, RWM caters to everyone who wants to stay ahead of the game in sustainable resource management.

Whether you're a skip hire business looking to invest in new machinery or a retailer keen to improve your net-zero credentials, RWM is the perfect platform to connect with industry experts, discover the latest trends, learn about best practices, and source sustainable resource solutions.

The event is part of the wider Environmental Services & Solutions Expo (ESS) - forming one of Europe’s leading events dedicated to the environment and environmental services. The Expo will span across Halls 17, 18, 19 & 10,000m2 outside area.

The Expo is co-located with the following shows, covering the entire environmental spectrum in resource, land, water, energy, and air:

  • RWM (Resource & Waste Management Expo)
  • EFD (Energy, Fuels & Decarbonisation Expo)
  • WRM (Water Resource Management Expo)
  • CLR (Contamination & Land Remediation Expo)
  • APC (Air Pollution Control Expo)