Resilient Materials 4 Life 2021 (RM4L2021)

RM4L2020 is being organised under the auspices of the on-going EPSRC-funded Resilient Materials 4 Life (RM4L) project. RM4L2020 will take place in September 2021 online and will bring a unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments in intelligent and autonomous construction materials. The scope of the conference encompasses research, innovation, design and implementation.  In particular, the conference will include a number of dedicated sessions on biomimetic materials that have the ability to self-sense, self-immunise, self-heal, self-repair and self-adapt.

It is the aim of the conference to provide a forum for discussion, exchanging new ideas, establishing new friendships and collaborations, as well as for the dissemination of the latest research findings on these materials.


Furthermore other researchers, academics, scientists, students, engineers, architects, contractors, concrete producers, public works officials, material suppliers and construction industry professionals are invited to discuss and present their latest findings on the following four strategic themes: biomimetic materials, materials sensing and diagnostics, multi-functional materials and intelligent materials. 

Industry Session – intelligent infrastructure materials: design standards and challenges

The session will provide an opportunity to discuss client and industrial requirements on adopting new strategies and innovative materials in new infrastructure projects and repair of existing structural and non-structural concrete elements. 

Tuesday 21 September (Jointly run with the conference) 

09:00 Plenary Lecture 
10:00 Parallel session 1: Smart materials 
11 :30 Parallel session 2: Case studies in materials for civil infrastructure 
13:00 Virtual networking 
(industry session) 
14:00 Round table and talks from industries and policy makers 
16:00 Panel discussion 
17:00 Closing remarks 

Download the flyer for more on the industry session.

RM4L2021 Industry Session Flyer