Mine shaft access - a new approach

The MIS are pleased to announce their final technical event for 2022, a joint meeting with the Mining Technology Group. The hybrid lecture, on 14 December, will be delivered by Dave Greenwell (SES) and Martin Downing (WA) and will consider 'Mine shaft access - a new approach'. 

The Milwr Tunnel is a 16km long tunnel that drains an extensive area of former lead mines in North Wales.  Wardell Armstrong have worked with SES over the last 10 years to inspect and maintain the tunnel.  Due to the length of the tunnel and the significant flow of water through it, the opening up and recommissioning of two abadoned mine shafts has been necessarty to provide access to points along the tunnel.  The presenters will descibe some of the work that has been carried out to rehabilitate the shafts, in particular, describing the most recent inspection and Caeau Shaft that involved mobile cranes to safely access the 200m deep shaft.  The project showed how this approach can be utulised for occasional entry in to other abandoned mine shafts, rather than requiring the setup of conventional winding systems.

You are very welcome to join us in person at Wardell Armstrong, Great Michael House, Links Place, Edinburgh EH6 7EZ but the lecture will also be available on-line via Zoom and at other ALS venues around the UK. However, please register to attend, irrespective of how you plan to join us.  For more information contact the organisers.