Managing coal mining legacy hazards – the role of The Coal Authority

The Mining Institute of Scotland (MIS) are pleased to announce their February meeting which will be delivered by Tim Marples, Special Projects Lead, The Coal Authority.

The long history of coal mining across Great Britain has resulted in a significant legacy of hazards that pose a potential threat to the safety and security of persons and property. The Coal Authority was formed in 1994 as a non-departmental public body with ones of its core functions to manage the liabilities arising from historic coal mining. Tim Marples will describe some of the hazards that the Authority has to manage, including abandoned mine shafts, ground and building subsidence, mines gas and tips and illustrate how they are mitigated using case studies from across the country.

Tim Marples is a mining engineer and has over 35 years of experience in the UK coal industry with operational and strategic management positions in both surface and deep coal mines. He joined The Coal Authority in 2014 and has undertaken a number of key roles within the Authority, including Head of Public Safety and Subsidence and Head of Tips Response.

This meeting is a hybrid meeting with the lecture being held at Hutton Lecture Theatre in the Grant Institute of Geology, The King's Buildings, James Hutton Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FE. You are also welcome to join using Zoom by clicking on the Book Now button at the top of the page.

For more information visit the MIS homepage.

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