London Packaging Week 2023

IOM3 is pleased to be supporting London Packaging Week 2023.

Four focused events to drive your innovation and business

Each of the four events target a specific community – and they will combine to create a dynamic and inspirational event that will drive packaging innovation, business and connections at the heart of the UK’s luxury and consumer products markets.

Creating the future of the UK's beauty, drinks, luxury and FMCG brands

London is at the heart of a global network of brands, innovators, designers and creators. In key markets like luxury products, FMCG, beauty and premium drinks, the UK capital is a world leader. The four events at London Packaging Week create the perfect meeting place for everyone involved in creating packaging in these key sectors. Hundreds of the world's biggest suppliers and thousands of designers, packaging developers, marketers, founders and buyers rely on the event to drive their innovation and creativity. Create the future of your packaging at London Packaging Week.

'I'm here mostly for the talks, I feel they have been valuable for me. I have gone to a few and found them very informative. The show is different from other ones I have been to and I really like the smart touch badge readers' - Alex Howard, Product and Process Technologist, Dominos.

'The seminar programme compliments the further discussion needed to educate consumers on sustainable packaging materials' - Alice Harlock, OPRL.

'It is great to see more innovative start-up companies exhibiting here, I'm glad to see that London Packaging Week is spreading out so well' - Design Leader Sustainability, Diageo.