Innovation in Small Businesses

The Cleveland Institution of Engineers are pleased to introduce theirApril lecture which will be delivered by Phil Teasedale on 09 April.

Welcome to a journey beneath the surface of the business world and the world of innovation, to discover the majestic giants of the entrepreneurial ocean – the Blue Whale businesses and the Blue Whale business owners. My name is Phil Teasdale, author of "The Blue Whale Plan," and today, I'm here to share with you not just a concept, but a transformative perspective on growth, innovation and opportunity, and the sheer scale of potential that lies within the depths of our endeavours. Imagine, the blue whale – the largest creature to ever grace our planet. This magnificent mammal, weighing in at a whopping 150 tons and stretching up to 100 feet, glides through the oceans with grace and majesty. Now, you might be wondering, what on earth does this have to do with business? Well, more than you think, because we're diving deep into the essence of what it means to be a Blue Whale in the business sea. Over the last two decades, I've had the privilege of navigating the business waters, starting, building, and growing my own venture, and guiding over 3,000 others to do the same. Through this journey, I've encountered businesses and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes – from sole traders to sprawling enterprises. But amidst this vast diversity, a unique breed of business began to emerge from the depths – the Blue Whale businesses. Unlike the mythical unicorns of the business world, which skyrocket to success overnight, Blue Whale businesses embody the slow, steady, and ultimately explosive growth trajectory that mirrors the life of the very creature they're named after. These ventures, perhaps unassuming at first, harness the power of adaptability, resilience, and sheer will to seize opportunities and ride the waves of change to monumental success. But why focus on the Blue Whales? It's simple. In a world obsessed with the rapid rise of unicorns, we overlook the immense potential of those gliding just below the surface, waiting for their moment to surge. My own journey mirrors that of a Blue Whale, evolving from a place of jealousy – yes, I admit, jealousy of a friend's sudden business success – to a profound realisation. That realisation? That the path to true, impactful growth isn't about being the fastest or the flashiest but about the depth of the journey and the strength you gather along the way. This book, "The Blue Whale Plan," isn't just a collection of insights and anecdotes (though, I promise, there are plenty of both of those to keep you entertained). It's a manifesto for the underappreciated, the steady risers, and those ready to make a splash. It's a guide for those who've felt the stirrings of ambition beneath the calm, those ready to transform the business ecosystem. So, whether you're thinking about starting a business, a business owner who's gestated in the waters of comfort or you're on the cusp of a breakthrough, this talk is your beacon. It's time to recognise the Blue Whale within and unleash the colossal potential you hold. Together, let's navigate the currents of change, embrace our unique journeys, and rise as these giants of the business world. Thank you for joining me on this voyage. Most of all, I’d like you to remember, that the ocean of opportunity is vast, but the biggest successes come to those who are ready to swim the distance. 

This lecture will take place in Room 0.044 in the Main Building of Middlesborough College, TS2 1AD and all are welcome to attend. 

For more information visit the Cleveland Institution of Engineers homepage or contact the organising team.